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When Realtors list homes for sale, they market the heated and cooled sq ft of the property, along with everything else. Sometimes, they measure the homes themselves. Sometimes, they outsource that to floorplan experts.

⭐️ That’s where we come in! We measure buildings, over 3,500,000 sq ft and over 1,350 residential homes, just in 2020 alone! We are also FAA certified for night-time drone operations, provide stellar photography (our team has photographed over 500 homes and over 100 hotels across the US and Globally) and videos.

We also render images and animations using the entire AutoCad Suite, Revit, Lumion and other 3d technologies, for our architect and contractor partners in the construction industry

Sai Ogranaja with ZeMi Designs

Network Charlotte CEO

The last 20 years have been spent either appraising, measuring or photographing residential homes, commercial properties, hotels and resorts. This vast experience lies at the head of ZeMi Designs. We work with Realtors, architects and other partners in the construction industry.

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